On his day, Gareth Bale is one of the most talented football players on the planet. However, it is fair to say that the situation he is in right now at Real Madrid is hampering his ability to show what he can do.

Bale has fell out with management, staff and some of the players at recent league winners Real Madrid and is seemingly resigned to remaining at the club and not playing until his contract expires.

Will Bale strike lucky and be rescued this summer? Of the many transfer stories that are already being spoken about, a move for Bale would certainly be one of the most interesting, but where could he go?

The biggest stumbling block is sure to be his wages, no one would take Bale and pay the full salary he is on now which would mean either Real Madrid continuing to pay him after leaving, or a big wage cut for the Welshman.

Who Would be Interested in Bale?

An on-song Gareth Bale will be an asset to every single club in Europe. In the past he has been linked with a move to Manchester United, while former club Tottenham have also shown an interest in his return.

There is talk of major investment coming at Newcastle this summer, would Bale fit their plans for transforming that team around? It would certainly cause a splash. There is a long list of new betting sites that will be offering odds on transfer specials throughout the summer and those three clubs look set to feature on a list of possible options for Bale.

Bale’s attitude has probably not helped him get a move, so he is going to have to rely on people that remember the good days. That probably means a move back to England, though other destinations are available.

It seems a little early in his career, but Bale does strike as the sort of player who could eventually find his way to the MLS to play for someone. Again, wages may be a stumbling block but if someone is prepared to bankroll him, Bale would certainly like to be the big fish in a small pond, something the MLS would give him.

Can the Welshman Engineer a Move?

If Bale wants to move, then he is going to have to prove that his attitude will change following it. We have seen instances of him showing no interest at all in playing for Madrid and acting in a way that is only going to harm morale.

While this gives Madrid a reason to get rid and possibly even pay some wages to him as part of a deal, it is something that will worry other clubs.

The fee and wages are going to add up to a large amount, all for a player who we have seen sleeping on the subs bench when being told he will not be playing that game.

If Bale moves this summer, then it will be down to three things falling into place. The first is a club willing to pay him, the second is Madrid willing to accept a low fee for him and finally the third, is Bale proving he can be a valuable asset and have a fresh start at his new club.