If you are living an eco-friendly life or trying to make a switch from the wasteful and harmful to the earth’s ways, you might find it a little bit hard for the first time. It can be a little bit overwhelming at first but it is definitely a good step to make.

Living eco friendly starts within you and your household, and you deserve nothing but the safest and efficient products for your home. Not only will it be good for every family member but it is also a way to help the earth. 

One household task that requires plenty of effort is carpet cleaning, and if you are having a hard time looking for greener ways to clean your precious carpets. Continue reading for some of the few eco-friendly methods you can try to have spotless carpets!


The most certain way you can be eco-friendly in cleaning your carpet is by creating your own cleaning solution from scratch. Through this, you know there are no harmful chemicals included in it, there is plenty of information on the internet you can read and videos to follow to make sure that you are doing it the proper way. To give you an idea of some DIY cleaning solutions, here are few ways to make your own 

  • Vinegar and Warm Water Solution for Stain Remover
  • Baking Soda and Water for Stubborn Stains and Dirt
  • Lavender Oil and Baking Soda for Deodorizing 

Making your own solution is also easy, cheap and more importantly, you can get assurance that it is environment friendly. 


Steam cleaning is a fast and efficient process
Steam cleaning is a fast and efficient process

Another modern way but still eco-friendly solution that you can do for your carpet is to try steam cleaning. As stated in nycsteamcleaning.com, traditional cleaning providers are using products with harsh chemicals that can cause harmful effects not only on people but also on the environment.

Steam cleaning is a  fast and efficient process without using harsh chemicals, moreover, it is usually  EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved.  You can either hire a company that offers this service or if you have a budget you can get your own steam cleaning machine for your home.


Many companies nowadays are “greenwashing”, they market their products as safe and not harmful to the environment but it is full of harmful ingredients. When looking for green products to patronize always check the ingredients of it. If you don’t know anything about it, aside from Ammonia, Chlorine, Sodium Hydroxide you should also check if they have Triclosan, Perchloroethylene, or “PERC” and Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”.

These are the most commonly used harmful ingredients in cleaning solutions. What you should consider are items that are manufactured in a sustainable way, non-toxic and biodegradable that will not harm humans and nature. Some brands to check out are Method Home, Common Goods, Puracy, and Ecover. 

Preserve the quality of your carpet by using these methods. Whether you want to look for alternative products, do it your own or get steam cleaning services, these would be all beneficial to your house, family, and helping our planet Earth.

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