The PSOE has demanded that the Orihuela council carry out works that are necessary to solve the sewage and drainage problems that avoid episodes such those seen across the city, the costa and pedenias last week, when many areas of the municipality were flooded by the heavy rains.

A spokesperson said “the investment that has been made by the City Council following last year’s DANA has been nil, they have had plenty of time and they have a budget to be able to make improvements to the sewerage network which would have prevented neighbourhoods like San Antón and Espeñetas from flooding again”.

Carolina Gracia said that she was disappointed that in the last nine months, the residents who saw their businesses, premises, garages and houses flooded with water have once again experienced “real anguish both last month and also last week, when they saw how their properties were once again put at risk as a result of the government’s lack of investment.” Gracia said that in the weeks and months since September she has not seen any municipal action to resolve the same old problems.

PSOE blames flooding on lack of government investment in Orihuela
PSOE blames flooding on lack of government investment in Orihuela. On the Costa this underpass in Playa Flamenca floods every time there is heavy rain

The Socialists assure that it was not until last month and after another storm that caused floods in the Escorratel when works were announced in that area by the Local Government and recall “a few months ago the works that were to be carried out with the Renewal Funds that the City Council carries out together with the company awarded the water service in Orihuela and none were included in areas such as Espeñetas, San Antón or Escorratel ”.

Gracia assures “it is very good that today it is announced that the municipal brigades are working to return to normal as soon as possible, but with the notices that had been transferred from Emergencies as well as through other channels, once again the Local Government has arrived late, they would have had to clean the scuppers in order to ease their burden. ”

She said that all too often Bascuñana and his government partners only make announcements of works, but they never get carried out. He an expert in talking about it and in complaining in the media, but he just seems unable to resolve the people’s problems.”

The PSOE urge the Local Government to prioritize these works, either through local funds or through the grants or work plans from the Provincial Government, an institution that, according to Gracia, “is another that visits Orihuela and, along with the mayor, makes grand announcements, but then fails to release the funds”.