Subject to it being agreed in Congress on Tuesday details facemasks will continue to be mandatory beyond the end of state of alarm, where social distancing is not guaranteed

The bill will include sanctions of up to one hundred euros for those who do not comply with this obligation to wear a mask in enclosed spaces.

The text of the draft regulates the obligation of the use of masks for people who are 6 years of age and above “on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in any enclosed space for public use or that is open to the public, provided that it is not possible to guarantee a physical safety distance of between one and a half to two metres.

They will also be compulsory when travelling by air, sea, bus, or rail transport, as well as in public and private transport, by passengers in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, if the occupants do not they live at the same address.

However, in the case of passengers on ships and boats, the use of masks will not be necessary when they are inside their cabin.

Neither will the use of a masks be required for people with a respiratory illness or difficulty that is aggravated by their use, nor for those who are disabled where their use is unfeasible.

Image courtesy of Freepik