Mojácar Council has intensified the mosquito elimination campaign that began in late February, by making three weekly sprays throughout the town which will continue until the end of October.

The biological substance made from the bacterium “Bacilus Thuringiensis” was first made by Israeli scientists and, is environmentally friendly and harmless to man, fauna and aquaculture.

It is highly effective on newly or recently hatched larvae, but as they are not all at the same stage of development, the treatment needs to be repeated several times to break the cycle.  Proven to be one of the most suitable biological methods towards mosquito control, its effectiveness has been demonstrated in integrated programmes all around the world.

Although the Council have hired a specialist company to carry out the work, the local Health Councillor, Ana García, stressed the importance of citizen collaboration by everyone avoiding leaving stagnant water anywhere around the home. Just a bucket of water on the terrace, a potted plant on a dish of water or a neglected pool are all ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes to deposit their larvae and make it even more difficult to eliminate these insects.