Although it is still a draft, the protocol for the return of LaLiga has been widely reported on in the Spanish press with some interesting conditions.

Based on that of the German Bundesliga all players will undergo a PCR test 48 hours before any match. If infected they will not be able to play.

Each team will travel to matches on two buses, so as to maintain safety distances. Once they arrive at the ground all will be given a temperature check and they will then go direct to the hanging room without making contact with anyone else.

Changing facilities will be divided into 3 areas, a green area that includes all those who will be required to enter the field of play to a maximum of 94 people (46 players, coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, the referee etc.). Then there is the blue area for those who will occupy the stands also a maximum of 94 people. The third area is for those who will be used on the external areas of the stadium, a maximum of 32 people.

When asked about a date for the return of LaLiga, the president Javier Tebas, was still non-committal, not want to give a specific date although it is understood that the 28th June is the very latest if the season is to be properly completed.

He did suggest that he would like to be mid-June although he said that “I do not want to give dates because they must be authorised by Health.” He did say that clubs will require between four or five weeks of preparation for their return to competition.