The impact of the coronavirus has slowed down in the Valencian Community during the last 24 hours with 191 new cases and 27 deaths, while there have been 342 people discharged from hospital.

These was the data provided this Thursday by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, at her daily press conference.

Totals now recorded in the Valencian Community are 9,615 cases, 972 deaths and 3,707 discharges.

The new cases have been registered as follows: 142 in Valencia, 26 in Castellón and 23 in Alicante. Of those that have died, 12 people are in Alicante, 11 in Valencia and 4 in Castellón. Of these deaths, 7 were of patients in nursing homes, where 62 new cases have been registered among patients and 4 cases among the staff.

The Minister said, there are 95 residences with positive cases, two fewer than yesterday. However, the number of nursing homes under direct supervision has increased. There are now 13 residences being directly controlled in Valencia, 6 in Alicante and 5 in Castellón.

The improvement in the situation in Valencian hospitals continues, with less pressure on hospital beds: there are currently 1,247 people admitted, 274 of them in critical care units. “The number is 27 fewer than yesterday and we are seeing that it continues to decrease,” Barceló explained.

By province, there are 717 hospital admissions in Valencia, 135 of them in the ICU; 347 people are admitted to Alicante hospitals, 105 of them in ICU; There are 183 people admitted to Castellón hospitals, 34 of them in ICU.

There have been 32 new cases recorded in medical staff in the Community, (19 in Valencia, 8 in Castellón and 5 in Alicante) but there have been 66 discharges.

Elche, Orihuela and Crevillente are the three municipalities with the lowest death rate in the Community from Covid-19 while Requena and Alcoy are the worst.

In the Community’s third city, Elche (232,000 registered inhabitants) there are 240 infected, a rate of 141 per 100,000 inhabitants (and 7 deaths, that is, 4.1 per 100,000 inhabitants), while in Elche-Crevillente, there are 125 infected (79.9 out of 100,000) and 5 deaths (3.2).

In another large nucleus, Orihuela, with 77,000 residents, 108 infections have been detected (a rate of 64.2 on the same scale) and 10 deaths (5.9 per 100,000 inhabitants).

Requena, which, with 20,000 inhabitants, is less than a tenth the size of Elche, there are almost as many Covid-19 cases as Elche and Crevillente combined, 354 with a rate of 683.6 and 37 deaths. (71.9).

Nationally the number of daily deaths in Spain from coronavirus has increased again to 551. There are now a total of 19,130 ​​dead, 182,816 infections and 74,797 cured,