José Aix, the Deputy Mayor of Orihuela, held a video conference with Mamen Peris, the Ciudadanos deputy in Las Cortes Valencianas on Monday, to consider some of the measures that can be carried out by the different Administrations as an effective response to the COVID-19 crisis.

One of the main items discussed was the request from the Prime Minister at the weekend to the autonomous communities for a list of accommodation in which the can isolate those people who are asymptomatic with coronavirus.

Aix said that “the Generalitat has a block of thirty-six homes located in Villamartin, Orihuela Costa, understood to be Calle Otela, Pau 8, where this type of individual could be housed with the maximum medical guarantees. They could also be used by medical personnel, who currently shoulder a higher risk than the rest of the population”. He said that these apartments are in a strategic location.

Deputy mayor, Jose Aix
Deputy mayor, Jose Aix

Peris, who is also the spokesperson for Ciudadanos in the Infrastructure and Housing Commission, will make the offer at the meeting of the commission scheduled for today and will also request, from Minister Martínez Dalmau, precise information on the number of autonomously owned homes, the distribution by municipalities and their current status.

“These homes can be part of the solution to the request made by the Central Government, especially in those municipalities that lack adequate public facilities and where there are not enough hotel beds.

In addition, using this resource available to the General Directorate of Housing Emergency, we are avoiding the mobility of carriers and, therefore, the risk of new infections, “the deputy added.