• The police unions say that the instruction is incomprehensible

The main police union Jupol has denounced the decision of the Ministry of the Interior to prevent National Polica and Guardia Civil officers from joining in the tributes to the health workers for their efforts in the fight against the coronavirus.

The union says that it has received a multitude of complaints from National Police and Civil Guard agents who have denounced the instruction made by high ranking ministry officials.

Jupol confirmed that “the Ministry of the Interior, through general directorates of the National Police and the Civil Guard, is now issuing verbal instructions to its agents not to join the support of the public to the health workers, and other groups that are in the first line of battle against the advance of the virus”.

Jupol say they see the order as incomprehensible and “that those in high positions are making threats and issuing orders to prevent these gestures being made from the National Police and the Civil Guard towards the health workers″.

They say that the orders show “the remoteness of those Ministry and General Directorate officials toward the people, their dictatorial attitude and their lack of empathy with society”.

The Jupol general secretary, José María García, said that this attitude only shows “the lack of decency of high-ranking police and Interior Ministry officials, who are more concerned about not letting the police officers show their support for the medical staff than fighting for the means of protection for their agents to avoid contagion by the virus.

Meanwhile the general secretary of Jucil, Ernesto Vilariño, added that “the Ministry and the two general directorates have demonstrated their cowardice by giving these orders in a veiled manner, without formally issuing it in writing and in many cases using threats against the agents”.