• Police and civil guards denounce Marlaska for “reckless manslaughter” due to the lack of protective material for its officers
  • There are currently more than 700 agents infected with coronavirus and about 9,000 in isolation

The Civil Guard and the National Police Unions have denounced the Minister of the Interior for his failure in providing their officers with adequate protective equipment to deal with the coronavirus epidemic in Spain.

They have even filed a legal complaint against the Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, for “reckless murder”.

According to the two associations, more than 700 agents have already been infected by COVID-19 and there are about 9,000 currently in isolation. However the minister has defended himself saying that the security forces have always had the necessary material for their protection.

In responding to the accusation Marlaska, said that he can guarantee that the state security forces have had “from the first moment” the means of protection “necessary and in the quantities” necessary for the execution of their functions, and the risks that they currently entail.

After listening to the minister’s statements, the SUP and AUGC have demanded that he makes “an appearance to explain the basis for the statements he has made, as well as to provide the documentation and make public details of the material that has been acquired and how it has been distributed.”