Orihuela’s Department of Street Cleaning and RSU has announced the temporary suspension to the collection service for bulk waste, throughout the whole of the municipality due to the crisis caused by the Coronavirus

The Councillor for Street Cleaning and RSU, Dámaso Aparicio, announced the suspension on Wednesday.

The essential waste collection service will continue to be provided while, at the same time, taking further precautions in accordance with Government guidelines during this emergency situation, where containers and litter bins throughout the municipality are being cleaned and disinfected daily.

As Aparicio has said, “during the days that we have been confined to our homes, the quantity of bulk waste items left for collection on public roads has increased significantly and, for this reason, with the intention of reducing the risk of contagion to our workers, as well as the spread of the virus, we have decided to temporarily suspend the bulk collection service ”.

In compliance with the measures decreed during the State of Alarm, the councillor has asked the public to “refrain from leaving belongings on the public highway during the quarantine period and to stay at home. It is important to avoid unnecessary trips and go out only to cover basic needs such as food purchases or to dispose of solid urban waste.”



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