Mojácar Council’s Councillor for Foreigners, Lucas Mayo, along with the town’s Tourism Office, are advising British citizens who wish to return through France to the United Kingdom of all the necessary requirements they need to return, whether they are residents here or in the area temporarily.

According to announcements published by the Spanish and French Governments concerning the Covid-19 outbreak, the land border between the two countries currently remains open for those leaving Spain.

If you are returning to the United Kingdom by road and have to pass through French ports, airports or train stations, the Tourist Office strongly recommends that you keep yourself updated on the changing situation before starting your journey and be aware of the Spanish State of Emergency regulations.

The British Embassy has details of the necessary requirements in order to travel as well as that which must be carried throughout the route at all times, with fines for those that fail to do so. Also, travellers must have to hand all documents that justifies the rest of their journey such as ID, train and ferry tickets etc.

Lucas Mayo and the Tourism Office are working hard with every effort  to help and advise residents and non-residents from other countries who may not speak Spanish and do not have full access to the information and mandatory regulations that are in place during this Coronavirus pandemic. .

As all municipal offices are closed to the public, contact can be made either by phone or by email for anyone seeking advice, requesting help or finding out about the assistance provided by the volunteer service.

Lucas Mayo is also taking part daily on Spectrum Radio, the English language local radio station, personally answering questions and providing updates on all matters that are of concern to everyone, but with a focus on the English speaking listeners.

He is additionally keeping a close link with the English language written media as well as social networks, with a telephone line open to residents in order to advise and attend to the needs of the town’s foreign population.