The horse racing tournaments just got bigger this year as we are going to witness another season of U.S. Triple Crown Series. In the second quarter of this year, the Triple Crown will kick-off starting with the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and concluded by the Belmont Stakes.

But before we jump directly to the Triple Crown competition, let us understand first the life of a horse property before it becomes a racehorse. For instance, learn about which horse farm is it from or which equestrian estate or facility is it honed and trained before it partakes in a stakes competition.

A horse athlete needs a suitable racing property where he can maximize his skills and undergo a series of training from his trainer and jockey. So, if you are a bettor or, most importantly, a horse racer owner, here are some tips on how you can find a suitable horse racing property.

Remember that you must look for the best property or place where a thoroughbred racer can train effectively so they can be a superstar and eventually a Triple Crown titleholder.

The Size And Form Of The Barn

The size and shape of the barn are the essential factors you must consider in picking a horse property. It is crucial since the first skill you need to develop for a horse racer is their running efficiency. It then co-relates to the speed which your horse athlete must have this all the time to be worthy of the Triple Crown title.

Besides, there are many types of barn sizes and shapes that you can choose. It can either come in broodmare barns, large-sized stalls, shedrow barns, and a lot more. You only need to make sure that you are comfortable working with it. At the same time, it must be conducive for your horse racer in terms of developing his saddling skills.

The Track Access and Lengths

The second element you need to mind when picking a horse track property is the full access and the lengths. It is also critical, especially if you are training horses for Triple Crown events, the running distance is longer, and there are several obstacles that a horse must pass before reaching the finish line.

For horse athletes that are yet to train, you need to have a broader and bigger size. It will allow them to maximize their running skills and develop the required ability to win the Triple Crown eventually. Lastly, if you get linger tracks, then you are training a horse racing superstar to win big races in the future.

Full Amenities

A perfect horse track property does not only have an excellent barn size or racing field length, but it also possesses complete amenities to secure the overall health of the horse.

You must not exhaust your horse athlete throughout the day just to undergo training. You should set the right schedule at the same time give them a breather through some other activities they can make inside the horse track property.

Some amenities you should look before renting or buying a horse track property are equine pools, physical therapy area, and aerobic exercise. Other facilities you might also consider are riding arena in covered style, starting gate, Eurociser, or even a round-pen.

These things will help you, and your horse athlete gets the best out of the property to maximize their training days.

Climate and Location

It may sound unimportant for some horse owners, but the climate and the location itself has a big impact when you pick the right horse track property.

The location refers to the area or place where you get the property. Remember that the U.S. Triple Crown is held in three different racing fields, and you must get a horse track that is near to this area.

Also, the climate is a big contributing factor that affects the training of the horse athletes. Although, in some cases, the weather is unpredictable, so check the weather of your current venue. Make sure the humidity is right so your horse can develop the much-needed skill.


In the upcoming U.S. Triple Crown Series, fans are expecting to see a horse athletes in their best forms. It is not because they only want to witness an action-packed show, but it’s a great way to identify a horse racer they can bet in the betting games and give them an ultimate wagering experience.

Therefore, as a breeder, you must see to it that your horse athlete can settle in a well-established and comfortable horse track property to get the much-needed training. As such, the four tips listed above can practically help you in picking the right horse track.


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