According to the latest data from the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Public administrations in Spain employ 2,595,575 people, of which 1,459,918 are women (56.25%) and 1,135,657 are men (43.75 %).

The presence of women in the three public administration bodies continues to grow in global terms because many government bodies continue to select and employ more women than men.

The number of 1,459,918 women in the three administrations is currently 324,261 (12.5%) higher than that of men.

The employment of women in Autonomous Communities more than doubles that of men: 1,011,661 are women (67.47%) and 487,643 men (32 , 52%).

Local Corporations are fairly evenly balanced with 582,317 employees: 289,205 (49.66%) women and 293,112 men (50,33).

The same is true in the state public sector (excluding the Armed Forces and the State Security Forces), where there are 231,760 employees, of which 112,897 (48.71%) are women and 118.863 men (51.28%).