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San Javier born and Spain international footballer Marta Penalver who plays in Women’s Futsal at Cagliari, speaks exclusively to The Leader about the ban on football in Italy, due to the coronavirus and about her family.

“The situations in Italy is a bit worrying. Italy is the third country in the world with the most infected by coronavirus,” said Marta.

“This has caused measures to stop the epidemic – among them, the sport. Our championship has been suspended,” said Marta.

“Virtually almost all or all sports disciplines are being cancelled, there are only a few games of football and basketball that will be played behind closed doors – and without an audience.

“Similarly, the Cup, one of the most beautiful and exciting competitions to play has been postponed,” said Marta.

“At the moment these are the measures that affect us. Colleges and Universities are closed,” said Marta.

“Many measures are being taken – including cancelling flights to the red zones – restricting the number of people in pharmacies, hospitals, and residences, to prevent the increase in the number of infected people ” said Marta.

“We continue to train, re-planning everything, since, to a greater or lesser extent, everything will be changed,” said Marta.

“Surely, you do not have to drown in panic – but take this situation with responsibility,” added Marta, who scored a hat trick, prior to the coronovirus epidemic.

“My goals are all for the family – for the people I care most about,” said Marta.

FF Cagliari have come through a difficult period in 2019, to returning to winning ways in 2020.

“At Cagliari we have regained confidence – managing to work with greater serenity and relaxation,” said Marta, who points to the manager, coaching staff and teammates for Cagliari’s form.

“The form is the result of guidance from the coach. Along with a solid defence and good attacking players – a group capable of scoring goals,” said Marta.