San Luis Bowls Club Report

A strange week, as far as the weather was concerned & then with all the mixed information on TV, radio etc. about the virus situation, do we shake hands or bump elbows? to worry or not to worry?

South Alicante League; Monday 2nd was a VERY warm & WINDY day, which made all the matches extremely challenging!! SL Klingons home v EI Titans 10-4, 114shots-102. Winners: Sheila Cammack, Keith Phillips, Ian Kenyon 19-16, Kevin McKenna, Drew Russell, Peter McEneany 22-16, Dave Blackie, Ray Clarke, Giuseppe Galelli 26-17, Bill Webb, June & Keith Jones 18-15.

SL Trekkers away v LM Explorers 3-11, 76 shots-102. Winners: Ros Holmes, Derek Barker, Irene Mangan 12-12, Robert Hicks, Bob Bromley, Barry Edwards 14-12.

SL Galaxies, home v VB Eagles, had a close battle 6-8, 106shots-105. Winners: Pat Baylis, Geoff Francis, Chris Lythe 18-12, Oyvind Lund, Chris Jackson, Margaret Clarke 18-11.

WINTER LEAGUE: Wednesday 4th away v La Marina a great result 10-2, 106 shots-63. Winners:  Shirley Verity, Ray Clarke, Jo & Jules Pering 22-10, Jan Pocock, Bill Webb, Ray Pollock, Scott Malden 21-14, Drew Russell, Peter McEneany, June & Keith Jones 13-12, Ros Holmes, Irene Mangan, Sab & Russ Marks 36-7.

Southern League, Friday 6th another unexpectedly windy morning. SL Lions, away v EI Cavaliers, had a real battle with the strong, gusty wind as well as with the Cavaliers. Fortunately we managed 3 winning rinks and the shots 113-94, 8pts-6. Winners: Jan Pocock, Ray Clarke, Giuseppe Galelli 20-11, William Holthan, Peter McEneaney, Ray Pollock 26-12, Helen Hammond, Keith Phillips. Scott Malden 35-8.

SL Tigers had a tough battle at home and the VB Lanzadores coped better with the windy conditions. Winners: Les Bedford, Malcolm Ayton, Barry Edwards 22-10, Ray Watmough, Robert Hicks, Ralph Jones 23-15, 4pts-10, 88 shots-120.

SL Jaguars away v GL Ash, a close game 104 shots-98, 6pts-8. Winners: Stephen Harfield, Mary Fromson, Steve Rossiter 24-12, Cas Blay, Pat Barnes, Mario Cavilla 23-12.

We are a competitive but friendly club; you’re welcome to join in “Vic’s Hamper” 10:00/10:30 on Saturday mornings (check chalkboard outside the office & club calendar).

For more information & calendar, see SLBC website at:

We welcome new and experienced bowlers; come along and see us, or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack

Vistabella Bowls Report.

The club started off well on Monday with a win for the Albatrosses away to Quesada Pearls in the Enterprise Div.  Points 10 – 4 and shots 103 to 94. In the Discovery Div. the Drivers at home to Emerald Ilse Neptunes had a convincing win of 12 – 2 with shots for 128 and 72 against putting them in a unassailable position of 3rd. in the league.  In the Voyager Div. the Eagles had again one of their close encounters doing well away against the San Luis Galaxies  8 – 6 with shots 106 – 105. How do they do it ?

On Wednesday  in the Winter league Vistabella away to Javea Green had a thrashing of 12 – 0. Not one of those days !!! The food provided for lunch was excellent and though hammered everyone enjoyed themselves. That’s what it’s all about.

Friday saw in Div.A  the Lanzadores away to San Luis Tigers win 4 – 10 with shots 85 to 120 whereas in Div. B the Picadores at home to Emerald Ilse Claymores  lose  4 – 10 with shots  104 – 105 just missing the badly needed  2 points by 2 shots.  Div. C saw the Conquistadores lose at home to the Country Bowls Cubs 2 – 12 with 88 shots to 127.

Vistabella Bowls Club is sponsored by: Venture Fleet Services, TV Choice, Oneway Services, Serenity Insurance, Carpet Heaven.  The Winter league is sponsored by Laguna Tavern Entre Naranjos

How about coming and have a go at bowling we would be pleased to see you. We can arrange a free session and lesson . You could get hooked it’s a fabulous game and a very sociable one you’ll meet lots of new friends.

Also bowlers are most welcome, we have a brand new green and are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain – David Jenkins or Charlie Watkins  Reported by : Montestan


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