The Prosecutor’s Office is asking for eight years in prison for a married couple who are accused of raping a woman they met through the Internet 18 months ago. The events took place in the home that they share in Torrevieja.

The trial, which was scheduled for Tuesday, had to be suspended because the court was unable to locate the victim, who is a foreigner and has returned to her country. The prosecutor asked that in in the event of not being able to find her, the statement that she made be reproduced in the courtroom.

According to the indictment the couple invited the victim to spend a few days at their home in La Mata after meeting her through the Internet. The girl arrived at the house in November 2018 with the sexual assault taking place 10 days later.

On the night in question “after having dined and drunk, everyone went to sleep but at one point the defendant called the victim from his bedroom and when she entered, without warning and without her consent, the man (aged 56 years), grabbed her by the hair, held her face down and, encouraged by his wife, “he raped her,” according to the prosecutor’s brief.

The victim suffered genital and arm injuries as a result of the assault.

Being unable to locate the victim was postponed in order for the court to try to locate her. In case of not finding her, the trial will be held without her testimony, but with production of expert evidence and that of the agents who processed the complaint.


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