Los Alcázares has submitted to the regional government the first project aimed at reducing flooding in the so-called ‘municipal zero zone’, as it promised to do during a meeting with the Community president, Fernando López Miras, which everyone hopes will put an end to the serious flood problem.

This project consists of the extension of the rain channels in the centre of the town, an area that has suffered five floods in the last 3 years.

The new rainwater network will connect with the channel behind the IES Antonio Menárguez Costa. This is the one that receives the “overwhelming” rivers of water when torrential rains occur and once it is filled it ends up flooding Los .

The project includes the incorporation of frames that would allow the water to drain at a rate of 10,000 litres per second, thus preventing large quantities of water flooding through the main streets as previously.

The mayor, Mario Cervera, has confirmed that “the City Council has complied with that agreed during the meeting held and now it is the turn of the Autonomous Community to fulfil it’s obligations.

He said that “this is the first of many projects that the town hall intends to implement in the absence of measures provided by other administrations.”

“We cannot remain impassive while other administrations sit back, as the lives of my residents and the future of the municipality are at stake. Stopping floods is an absolute priority for us. “