The Conference ‘Open Your Eyes to Pain’, organized by the Andalucían Association for Pain Control and Ongoing Care, was recently held at the town’s Parador Hotel.

The specialists attending from across the region are calling for Pain Control Units in all hospitals, including the nearby La Inmaculada at Huercal-Overa, which would make necessary treatment available to everyone as well as dispelling the need to travel long distance for care.

Some of those present included; Ignacio Velázquez Rivera, Andalucían Service Director for Pain Control, Alberto Quirante Pizarro, Pain Control Coordinator at Almería’s Torrecárdenas Hospital, Consuelo Rodríguez, Head the Poniente Hospital Service, Pilar García, Nurse at the Pain Unit at HAR Guadix and, Sebastián Perales from Pain Control at La Inmaculada in Huercal-Overa.

Sebastián Perales spoke over the weekend about the request for a specialized Pain Control Unit at Huercal-Overa and although a response is still to come from the Junta de Andalucía, he is hopeful that this will be granted soon.  He touched also on the difficulties that the implementation presented, which were not only of an economic nature, but there was also the issue of finding the associated professionals and specialists.

He added that the hospital has had serious problems in recruiting doctors and specialists for various reasons over recent years and he specifically highlighted the lack of anaesthetists as one of the most urgent problems facing the province’s Health Department.

Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, gave the closing thanks at the end of the weekend of talks, thanking the Andalucían specialists who had participated in the event and in particular, Dr. Luis Miguel Torres Morera, the Association President.