The Civil Guard is looking into the case of a woman who has been posing as a therapist on a website and receiving medicines sent by post from China.

The investigation began this January when agents of the Civil Guard were directed to a number of postal packages that had attracted attention.

On opening the parcel, they found a plastic bag, with animal food as well as four smaller bags containing a white powder. A drug analysis showed it testing positive for methamphetamines and MDMA, local anaesthetics that are only authorised for the use of the health authorities.

The recipient advertised herself on a website as a therapist, offering her services in a clinic in Alicante.

She claimed to have several master’s degrees as well as membership of the Spanish Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology, all of which proved to be false.

The woman, a 51-year-old Brazilian, has now been arrested and charged with possessing contraband and crimes against public health.