Poker is a hugely popular card game that was developed during the 1820s in the US. This game reached its popularity peak in the 1970s. Several lucky and professional players from all across the globe turned it famous. People play this game in various ways and the highly common game is Texas Holdem.

This game has turned into a huge craze in people’s society and every gambler possesses a strong tendency for gambling. According to a French survey, it has been revealed that 1 patient among 5 patients happens to be a poker player and pretty surprisingly, 75 percent of the players happen to be online poker players.

Only recently, the French Game Observatory specified that 22 percent of the population of poker players have a problematic usage that includes 14 percent of players with extreme use. According to a comparative study done between Quebec and French populations, it has been found out that the level of disproportionate players is 14 percent in Quebec whereas, in France, it was 18 percent.

The study also discovered an optimistic linking between the score on PGSI (Problem Gambling Severity Index) and playing online. If the author’s best knowledge is to be believed, that only some epidemiological data are obtainable for estimating the occurrence of excess gaming among the poker player population.

The unfading popularity of online poker

Online poker has turned into a remarkable kind of entertainment as today; countless people are involved in playing various poker games, like Texas Holdem, Situs Poker Online, etc. The good thing is the number of players who make use of this kind of gambling has been increasing at a high speed. This seems that the challenges of online poker activity have been existing different theoretical concepts regarding problem behaviors of gambling.

The studies that were done

According to the seventeen relevant studies that were identified, it has been found out that the number of tricky gamblers happened to be remarkably more compared to other kinds of gambling. Many factors that predicted excessive gambling happened to be internal attribution, stress, negative emotions, dissociation, boredom, impulsivity, anxiety, and illogical beliefs.

Actually, the percentage of online poker players happens to be hugely heterogeneous and here, experimental players do form a particular group. Ultimately, the rationality of the tools that are useful for measuring problematic or excessive gambling plus irrational beliefs do not turn suitable to assess the online poker activities.

The skills of poker

Poker is recognized as an active game and players can influence its outcome by skills and it is highly different from passive games where the result is based entirely on chance. One of the chief reasons for people’s interest in poker is the major address component. However, the time that people spent on learning the codes and initiation can be long in comparison with other kinds of gambling.


Future studies are needed for confirming the findings of online poker games. As skills are vital in playing poker skill development with excessive usage of online poker must be discovered more in-depth, especially related to poker experience plus loss chasing. However, future research must concentrate on self-regulation, skills, and lastly, psychopathology of the countless online poker players.


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