By Andrew Atkinson

Julian Lennon has undergone an emergency operation in having surgery to remove a cancerous growth, almost five years after his mother Cynthia – former wife of late Beatles legend John – died of cancer in Spain.

A skin specialist in America discovered an abnormal mole on Julian’s head, following a visit to a dermatologist in Los Angeles.

Julian’s mother Cynthia, who died after losing her battle to cancer, passed away at her home in Calvia, Majorca in 2015.

John Lennon and Blackpool born Cynthia Lillian Powell married in 1962 and divorced in 1968. John, who married Yoko Ono, was shot dead in 1980.

Julian revealed a ‘little bump’ on his head was a mole, that had been present from birth, along with a birthmark.

After having a biopsy the results revealed it was malignant-cancerous, leading to a Doctor removing it with immediate effect.

Julian, 57, hopeful surgery has been successful in removing all the cancer, now awaiting for further results following additional analysis, feared for his life.

Julian, publicly thanked Dr. Tess Mauricio, saying he is forever indebted: “She has possibly saved my life.”

Cynthia Lennon died, aged 75, on April 1, 2015, after a short illness with cancer, with her son Juilian by her side.