Spain is a country that has a long-time association with gambling. Those in Spain have been placing sports bets and playing inside casinos for many years, making it one of the biggest countries in Europe for money spent on gambling.

Those in Spain who wish to play inside a casino have the option of playing online or heading to a real-life casino where they can play on the slots and tables they have there. If you would like to play inside a real-life casino then here is a look at the best five casinos that Spain has to offer.

#5 Casino Admiral Sevilla

A casino located close to Sevilla airport and one that offers an extensive range of gaming opportunities for players. They have 25 tables offering a variety of games and some VIP only tables with high staking limits if you are a big player. Their slot floor is buzzing with big games, including progressive jackpot games for those who are looking for a big win. If you are in the Sevilla area then the Casino Admiral Sevilla is one place to check out.

#4 Casino Gran Madrid

Not the biggest casino in Madrid, but certainly one that is worth a visit. With over 15,000 square feet covered, this is a place that can offer high-end gaming options as well as a fantastic choice to players. Table games can be played either live on the table or electronically if you do not want to play alongside others directly at the table. However, it is the slots on offer that draw people to this casino, with a huge amount available. These include a range of high staking machines as well as some inter-connected machines with shared jackpots that are linked to other casinos run by this chain.

This casino was one of the first to open after Spain legalised gambling back in 1978
This casino was one of the first to open after Spain legalised gambling back in 1978

#3 Casino Marbella

This casino was one of the first to open after Spain legalised gambling back in 1978 and has a strong reputation with players. The 12,000 square feet building offers both table and slot games, with 30 tables to choose from and over 100 gaming machines, so plenty to keep everyone happy and involved. Inside the casino resort you will also find a hotel where you can stay should you want to extend your stay.

#2 Casino Barcelona

Situated in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, it is easy to see why Casino Barcelona has become popular since opening over a decade ago. They have a large range of tables available to play on, with some of these offering electronic link ups to machines. They also cater for slot gaming while it is their regular poker tournaments that attract a lot of people to this casino. These are held on a regular basis and great for those who want to try and show they are top poker players.

#1 Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones

The biggest casino in Madrid and one of the biggest businesses in the area, both because of the number of people employed and the number of tourists it attracts, which is around half a million per year. You will find 60,000 square feet of gaming area here, and you will find many high staking VIP tables and machines inside. With every game you can think of being available here, it is the complete package for those looking to play inside a real-life casino in Spain.