The first ever driverless passenger bus will soon be on the roads in Malaga City. It will transport passengers from cruise ships between the port and the city center.

The bus, supplied and oprated by Avanza, will be in circulation “within the next few months”. It will be the first ever autonomous urban passenger bus and will transport passengers without a driver.

The vehicle, which will also be electric, will be in circulation for three to six months as a pilot test of an innovation project that has public funding through the CCTi.

The project will be supported by the Ayuntamiento of Malaga and the bus will be manufactured by Irizar.

The move is in line with Avanza’s strategy to expand into digital technology.

Director General of Avanza, Valentin Alonso, says that it was the intention of the company to update it’s fleet of buses to electric vehicles over time.

According to the company accounts, the group which currently invoices more than €500 million annually, invests between €30 and €40 each year in updating it’s fleet.