By Andrew Atkinson
Stevie Spit has been to San Jose Orphanage helping deliver 80 presents for The 3 Kings celebrations, ahead of the 2020 school year.

“Presents donated include school packs, books, ruler sets, pens, felts, chalks, pencils and rubbers,” said Stevie.

The residential care the children, aged 11-17, are given is in a warm and homely environment.

The Orphanage is solely funded by the Government (Public Sector) unlike other privately owned orphanages in the area.

Donations of any kind are welcome by the Staff, who work tirelessly for the children in the centre, just outside Orihuela, along with a small centre for older children in the City.

Stevie, BEM, said: “They also received so many new clothes, from dressing gowns, pyjamas, T-shirts, jumpers, underwear, socks, Chino trousers and slippers.

Spray and Save

“A big thank you to Eamonn Lynch and his entire family – totally fantastic – the most generous people I know.

“Also to everyone at Vistabella Golf, and Neil Couzens. €456 left over from fundraising will be paid into their account.”