Motherhood is exhilarating, emotional, sentimental, and more than a little exhausting. The standard baby gifts of cute onesies and stuffed animals are easy to buy but they won’t hold a candle to the epic new mom gifts on this list. Full of thoughtful and unique gifts that new moms actually need and want, this list has something for every mom and every budget. 

1. A Birthday Map Of The Stars

As our little planet revolves around the sun, the stars are constantly changing position so that you are never quite looking at the same configuration twice. The company Twinkle In Time will take a date and location and use it to produce a beautiful map of the stars that perfectly celebrates the baby’s birthday.

New moms will swoon over this lovely keepsake that can be used as home decor and get passed down through generations. You can customize the poster with a choice of colors, shapes and even add a special message at the bottom. It makes a beautiful nursery wall hanging or showcase it anywhere else in the house.  

2. Hire A Post Partum Doula 

It doesn’t matter if this is her first kid or her third, being a new mom is overwhelming, to say the least. Imagine having access to a person a few times a week who has done it all and seen it all hundreds of times before? A postpartum doula can help a new mom with breastfeeding problems, watch the baby while she sleeps or showers, and is a shoulder to cry on when the emotions get overwhelming.

They are experts at mother and baby bonding, newborn milestones, and helping with the initial adjustment period. Use this doula search website to find one in your area. Just a few hours here and there in the first week or two can really be helpful. 

3. Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine

Take a cue from this list of great gifts by Cool Things Chicago and get the new mom an adjustable cup espresso machine to help fuel her days. The Nespresso is a sleek modern coffee maker for the perpetually tired. It’s a total myth that babies sleep a lot, so help mom get the boost she needs for the late-night feedings that are about to take over her life.

This espresso maker has an automatic shut off and a custom cup size so you can have a small jolt or a big jolt depending on how heavy your undereye baggage is. New moms and dads pretty much live inside a sleep-deprived haze for the first few months and this caffeine machine will come in handy. 

4. Keep Her Well Fed

New moms need to eat to keep up their energy, replace blood loss, and for optimal breastfeeding. New moms also don’t have time to cook, so give her the gift of food delivery! She will appreciate not having to cook or leave the house to get a decent meal, especially when she’s home alone with the baby. You can get a gift card for a meal delivery service like GrubHub or DoorDash that she can use anytime she likes.

Now, mom can download an app to her phone, pick her favorite meal from a local restaurant, and have it delivered to her doorstep ASAP. Meal delivery services are quickly gaining popularity and you’ll be surprised at how many local restaurants participate. Your take-out orders are no longer limited to pizza and Chinese food! 

5. Keep Her Hydrated

Staying hydrated is something many people struggle with but for new moms, dehydration can quickly get out of hand. A busy mom caring for a newborn often won’t take the time to look after her own health needs. Breastfeeding moms need even more water than usual. Help her stay hydrated with a fully insulated reusable water bottle from Kool8.

This stylish water bottle will keep her drink warm or cold for hours on end so even if she forgets to take a sip for a while, her drink will always be the right temperature. With her water bottle in hand, she can chug throughout the day. 

6. Help Care For Her Mental Health 

The first 12 weeks after birth is sometimes called, “the fourth trimester” by doctors because it’s a period of adjustment for both mother and child as they struggle to get used to life outside the womb. After releasing a flood of hormones, many moms experience a period of heightened emotions and are susceptible to anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal and putting your thoughts down on paper, in general, are great ways to release emotional stress. Why not give her this Gratitude Journal For New Moms with inspirational quotes?

7. Give Her The Spa Treatment

New moms deserve some pampering but they can’t be out running around town hitting the spa when they have a newborn, so bring the spa to her! Give her the gift of “me time” with this lavender and jasmine complete spa gift basket.

Load her up with bath bombs, tub salts, lotions and more to make sure she at least gets a nice bath once in a while. A little warm and soapy aromatherapy can go a long way in making her feel special at a time in her life when all the attention is on her beautiful new baby. 

8. Get Someone Else To Clean The House

No service-related gift will be more appreciated than the gift of a clean home. Tired new parents live with a lot of guilt over not keeping up with their housework while juggling midnight feedings and the never-ending needs of their helpless newborns.

No one really expects them to have all the dishes done but it can be stressful nonetheless. You can treat a new mom to a few hours of housecleaning services with a nation-wide vendor like Merry Maids. Take a few things off mom’s plate and she will never forget it.