• Spanish Policia Traffico to carry out 25,000 alcohol checks daily during Christmas

By Andrew Atkinson

FAKE seat belt t-shirts have been denounced by the Guardia Civil – in a bid to save lives on the roads in Spain.

“The Guardia Civil denounce the sales of the Anti fine t-shirts that are available, via the Internet,” said a spokesperson. The fake seat belt t-shirts are priced at between €18-20.

The fake t-shirt debacle comes in the wake of the Spanish Policia Traffico announcing that 25,000 alcohol checks a day will be undertaken during the Christmas festive period.

Twenty three per cent of people that die in road accidents in Spain, are not wearing belts, according to figures.

The N332 Group of Guardia Civil Spanish law information state drivers and occupants of motor vehicles and mopeds are obliged to use a safety belt, helmet and other protective elements.

Breaking the rules for the use of safety belts, and other mandatory safety devices are considered serious (as in article 65.4.h) of the Spanish Law on traffic, motor vehicle traffic and road safety.

Fake seat belt t-shirts denounced by Guardia Civil
Fake seat belt t-shirts denounced by Guardia Civil

Drivers and passengers of vehicles are obliged to use, correctly fastened, approved safety belts.

If a vehicle has safety belts, these must be used by all its occupants. Failure to use seatbelts by back seat passengers can result in serious injury, to both the person not using the seatbelt and those in the front seats.

Failure to use a seat belt properly is a serious offence and can cause a worse injury in an accident.

It has been an obligation to install rear seat belts in the back of all newly registered vehicles since June 1992.

“The wearing of a fake seat belt t- shirt to roadside security cameras appears that the driver is correctly wearing a seat belt,” said a spokesperson.