By Andrew Atkinson

Orihuela residents have been given a €200,000 boost – with the announcement that over 700 new refuse containers are to be distributed across the Municipality.

“It is about time that additional refuse containers were introduced, due to the 150 new apartments constructed,” said one resident.

“Despite a request for extra bins in the past they have always been refused,” they added.

Now, 740 containers are being distributed by Orihuela’s street cleaning and refuse collection service – after lengthy campaigns for additional bins.

Another resident claimed that refuse collectors are also not emptying ALL containers.

“Where we live there are four containers – but on many occasions only ONE is emptied,” they alleged. “Despite all four containers being full, they empty one, then drive away.”

After months of waiting for new containers, one resident said: “A new container was placed in Calle Azafran this month – which has now been removed.”

Problems have been rife, with the dumping of rubbish, both household and garden cuttings, either placed in household waste containers – or left alongside them.

Vehicles, cars, wagons and vans, see containers as ‘rich pickings’ within Orihuela Costa and many other areas in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida vicinities.

“Refuse is taken out of bins on a daily basis as people go rooting for furniture and household items – leaving it strewn in the streets,” said a resident.

Builders materials and debris are also a big concern throughout the region – illegally being dumped alongside and inside bins.

An Orihuela resident claimed that he contacted the Council Refuse Department about removing building waste and was instructed to leave it by the bin – after 8pm – and it would be collected the day after.

A call has also been made for additional recycling containers to be put in place in and around the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida areas, with bins overflowing with waste, especially in the height of the summer tourist season.