The gambling industry has continued to experience exponential growth all over the world, since its legalization a few years back. Its validation by authorities has largely helped to contribute to it its evolution into a billion-dollar market.

Provision of sports betting facilities, such as lottery, progressive jackpot games, sports betting, instant games, slot machines, and casino games continues to fuel its global popularity.

Today, gambling and online gaming are making enormous contributions to populations that were previously unemployed. A look at the industry statistics indicates that this is one sector that will not experience a slump anytime soon.

Attractive Features of Online Gambling

Researchers have, in the past few years, spent many hours trying to understand the factors that are necessary for casinos to attract clients. So far, the studies have demonstrated that virtual environments possess the capacity to provide clients with much-needed distraction, excitement, and/or short-term comfort. While these features have proven instrumental in its growth and development, there are more generic features that are at play. These include:

  • Accessibility. Almost every person in the globe has ready access to the internet today. Some access it from their places of work, at home, and on the move using their web-enabled devices. Traditionally, the uptake of this type of consumptive behaviour tends to have a strong correlation to the amplified access to a given activity. As such, it should not come as a surprise to note that online gambling is quickly becoming popular across many countries around the globe. 
  • Local currency. In web-based operators, you may easily gamble with your currency and don’t lose any cents on fees and conversion rates. For example, many Kiwi gambling reviewers including CasinoDeps have mentioned that Jackpot City is the best New Zealand dollar online casino as it allows to deposit with the most popular local currencies.
  • Anonymity. One of the major differences between the ordinary casino and the online casino is the anonymity offered by the latter. Thanks to the internet, gamblers—with or without a gambling problem—can easily take part in their favourite past times without anyone judging them. Anonymity also means that the online gambler has more control over their nature, tone, and overall content of their online playing experience.
  • Affordability. Increased internet accessibility means that web-based services are now available at a friendlier price. Tech developments have also helped to reduce the overall costs associated with online gambling, helping rationalize why someone would want to try their luck in this industry. For instance, market saturation, when it comes to online casinos, has led to the influx of more casinos. 

The increased competition in the sector has thus proven to be beneficial to the gamblers. Discounts and ongoing promotions have become the order of the day as different entities try to outdo each other in a bid to attract more clients.

  • Convenience. A closer look at online behaviour indicates that they are mainly manifested in the workplace or at the comfort of one’s home. It is a factor that greatly helps to reduce the feeling associated with unwanted risk. Additionally, it helps the online players to engage in more adventurous situations.

Top Gambling Countries

For the uninitiated, Las Vegas is considered the gambling capital of the world; thanks to its glamorous lifestyle and flashy lights. But unbeknown to most, America is not the global gaming capital.

The reality is that this is a title reserved for countries that one would least suspect. Global gambling data indicates that the biggest countries in the world including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Ireland.

Ranking often takes into account the number of available casinos, the regulations in place, and the total cash paid out to winners. Some of the best online casinos in the top gambling countries are favoured for their simplified deposit and withdrawal options.

Every gambler wants an assurance that they will have access to an extensive catalogue of online games, easy money transfers, and, more importantly, access to bonuses that can help boost their winnings.

Most Popular Games

It is not uncommon for a player to register at an online casino and then choose never to visit a traditional brick and mortar casino again. Often, this is a decision attributed to their diversity and convenience. Popular games in online casinos include:


  • Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker


The game is practically based on the widely popular Texas Hold’em. However, it is a game where the player gets a chance to play against the online casino dealer. Players cannot place any bet after the river card. Often, this game gets loaded like the normal Vegas high-roller.


  • Playboy Gold Slot


It is based on the Playboy game developed by Microgaming and was released after the passing on of Hugh Hefner. It features various playmates such as Gia, Stephanie, Carly, and Hiromi sprawled against six reels in scanty outfits. It has 110 pay-lines and is hosted by Audrey Allen and Raquel Pomplun.

Top Wins in Online Gambling

No matter its video poker, slots, blackjack, or table games, several lucky players have, over the years managed to walk away with huge winnings when playing online. They include but are not limited to Rawiri Pou, a player from New Zealand who walked away with the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot amounting to NZ$10,144,395.82 ($7.4 million) on 17th June 2016.

Another notable mention is a player from Finland who won the biggest ever jackpot when playing progressive slots. He walked away with €17,861,800 (around $24 million) on 20th January 2013.