The Generalitat Valenciana , the Delegation of the Government in the Valencian Community and the Military Emergency Unit (EMU) have sent a “message of calm” saying that the “situation is increasingly optimistic” , since they do not expect there to be any more breaches of the Segura River with one of the remaining few, La Mota in Almoradí  “now under control”.

They say that people should only take advice from official announcements as there is currently a great deal of misinformation circulating about the current state of the Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos (DANA).

The Administration has reported that Orihuela is no longer cut off, and that the Segura Hydrographic Confederation has confirmed a drop in levels of the Segura River. However the Emergency personnel continue to work to repair the damage caused at different points of the river, but “the situation is increasingly optimistic,” they say.

A centre in Orihuela that is distributing food and water across the municipality
A centre in Orihuela that is distributing food and water across the municipality

In addition, they say that the Emergency Coordination Centre forecasts that rain and storms are now at an end throughout the Community. But the emergency level is maintained in Situation 2 due to flooding in Orihuela and at Situation 1 in the province of Alicante. Emergency situation 1 is also maintained in Vall d’Albaida and La Costera, in the province of Valencia.

Situation in Almoradí and Dolores

Many people from both Almoradí and Dolores have been moved out of their homes. In Almoradi, electricity has been restored and work is well underway to return the supply of drinking water. In Dolores they still do not have electricity or water, but they do have fixed and mobile phone lines.

The administrations also stress that the situation in the Santomera reservoir is stabilised and at La Mota dam the first rupture is already repaired with work currently being carried out to shore up the second, which has occurred in a different area, but which is under control.

The Ministry of Defence has mobilised the Special Operations Command (MOE) units; and the EMU has deployed more than 600 military specialists from across the three services.

The Government also advises members of the public to “take precautions and to follow the recommendations of the emergency teams”. Together with the members of the UME, there are over a thousand Civil Guard personnel in the area who have provided more than 1900 instances of aid over the weekend, and more than 3000 in the last five days.

The administrations involved in the emergency insist that they have “maximum commitment to the resolution of all important incidents” and have requested “calmness and confidence in the emergency services”.

The Valencian Agency for Security and Response to Emergencies continues to support emergencies through telephone 112; providing assistance and facilitating the basic needs of all those affected ; rescuing, moving or giving preventive advice in addition to their monitoring of the Segura River  flood and the different breaks.