The Councillor for Street Cleaning and Urban Solid Waste, Dámaso Aparicio, visited the coast on Wednesday to present a glass recycling award to Gogarty’s Irish pub in La Zenia.

Almost 150 bars and restaurants on the Orihuela Costa took part in the recycling campaign the “Green Flags Movement”, in which the Department worked with Ecovidrio, the non-profit organisation responsible for the management of the recycling of glass packaging waste in the country.

The councillor said that the purpose of this campaign has been “to encourage and motivate hoteliers to recycle glass containers which increases enormously during the holiday season.”

He stated that approximately 30% of the total amount of glass waste recycled throughout the year,  with the hospitality sector, generating about 52%.

According to the data for 2018, the people of Orihuela recycled a total of 2,502,360 kg of glass. This means that each person recycled an average of 32.6 kg.