One fair reason why people love to travel to different places is to explore the beauty of nature and the environment. If you’re planning your next travel location, particularly in Europe, try checking Algarve, Portugal off your travel list.

In Algarve, you can witness and experience the pristine waters of the Gibraltar Strait meeting the paperwhite sand beaches. With different tourist spots and attractions in this place, you’ll surely make your stay worth it with Haven on Earth villas and apartments.

Before planning on your next holiday trip, it’s crucial to create your itinerary by trying these interesting things to do in Algarve, Portugal:

Try Golfing

Crowned as the best golf courses in the world by multiple magazines and other platforms, Algarve can provide an exciting and extraordinary experience to both first-timers and golf enthusiasts. Due to the booming success of golfing in Algarve, different golf courses are emerging with a variety of courses offered.  The vast green landscape overthrown with the clear blue sky is every golfer’s dream turned into reality.

Another reason to love Algarve golf courses is they’re scattered around the whole region. From hilly terrains to by-the-beach views, you can find different golf courses. Mainly, golf courses are concentrated in the resorts of Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura, and Vale do Lobo. The unique characteristics of these resorts are their location near beaches, which isn’t like any other in the world.

Algarve can provide an exciting and extraordinary experience to both first-timers and golf enthusiasts
Algarve can provide an exciting and extraordinary experience to both first-timers and golf enthusiasts

If you take a short ride around the vicinity, you’ll closely find other golf courses in the clashing towns of Lagos and Portimao. Lagos is a combination of cliffs, rocky beaches, and old structures, while Portimao consists of white sandy beaches and marine life.

With different landscapes and golfing setting, one to many golf courses can be perfect for your personality and preference to try. While golfing, you can try many activities as well because most golf courses belong to the city’s holiday resort complex.

Go Cruising or Boat Trips

On the other hand, if you’re not into sport and would rather spend time to relax, cruising and boat trips are your absolute companions. Renting small boats to grand cruises is a popular option for tourists, due to Algarve’s 200-kilometer coastline, all-year fine weather, and calm waters that favors water activities. Sceneries are the highlight of the cruising and boating trips, particularly during sunsets.

While paving through the calm waters, you can overlook the view of rock formations near the shoreline turning into gold and red colors like the sunset, being reflected by the sparkling water.     There’s a place for cruising in Algarve where two shades of blue meet each other but never combine, the sea of Algarve.

Right after your boat trip, you can take a stroll on the white sand beaches, which are the finest destinations when searching for a beach holiday trip in Europe.

Explore the Caves

Since cliffs and rock formations extend along the coastline of Algarve beaches, caves are no stranger to their region. Cave explorations are perfect for thrill-seeking people who prefer discovering exotic places on Earth instead of playing sports.

If you’re up to cave exploration, pack your caving equipment and gear, sit back, and see these amazing caves in Algarve:

  • Benagil Sea Cave: Originally, rock formations started developing on the coastlines of Algarve, but the calm waves of water and harsh winds sculpted a small, colorful, circular dome with a hole on top to provide enough sunlight.

Since the Benagil cave is entirely large, tourists can choose from three entry options: kayaking, riding boats near the beaches, or directly swimming from the Benagil beach.

  • Captain’s Cave: Located in the cave capital of Algarve between Armacao de Pera and Carvoeiro, the Captain’s Cave or Gruta do Capitao is considered as Portugal’s national treasures with its breathtaking view accompanied with the perfect amount of sunlight.

Although they’re quite challenging to visit especially in extreme sea conditions, professional cave skippers guarantee the safety of their tourists.

  • Algar Seco: The beautiful boardwalk between the Vale Centeanes beach and Carvoeiro beach can be your favorite place in Algarve that offers a breathtaking view of the horizon. You can take a stroll in the boardwalk or sit down on the bench with your loved ones.

However, you shouldn’t stop there, because at the end of the boardwalk is a wonderful cave known as the Algar Seco. This cave is special due to its “A Boneca” viewing point, where you can explore inside the cave while still seeing the view of the shore outside.


To the rest of the world, Europe is a hidden jewel that has been appreciated by many people, while still managing to maintain and preserve it. There are various small European towns that one would never think to visit, especially what encompasses the region of the Algarve.

With Algarve’s perfect climate, people’s hospitality and warmth, premium quality apartments and villas, you’ll definitely want to stay in Algarve.