The Civil Guard has arrested a 66-year-old man in Dolores, as alleged perpetrator of a crime against Social Security.

He is said to have defrauded the Social Security for 7 years of more than 34,600 euros through the collection of the retirement pension (non-contributory) of his deceased mother.”

The information was passed to the Guardia Civil by a citizen who reported it to the Dolores police station three months ago. At the time he simply reported his suspicions about the fraud that he thought this man was committing.

The agents checked that, indeed, the mother had died in May 2011 and that her son had never informed the authorities, which would have meant that the pension would have been removed.

It was found that he benefited from his mother’s pension from the month after her death until March 2018, when the bank, upon seeing that her identity document had expired, requested that he provide one that was current.

When this was not provided, they blocked the account.

The total amount of the money defrauded amounted to 34,653 euros, equivalent to 82 months of collection. Last week, after concluding the investigations, the Civil Guard in Dolores arrested the man arrest as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against Social Security. After taking his statement, he was released with the obligation to appear in court at a later date.