The Unified Association of Civil Guards in Alicante issued a press release on Monday congratulating the emergency services for the rescue that they carried out of a British man who was trapped in an Orihuela Costa ravine during the early hours of Sunday morning.

They say “We want to show again our proud satisfaction for the impeccable performance that resulted in the rescue of a person in a ravine which resulted in saving his life.”

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“At the same time, we want to congratulate our fellow Civil Guards of El Pilar de la Horadada as well as the Local Police of Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja Fire Department and ambulance health personnel for their prompt reaction in a very dangerous situation due to the Steep terrain and darkness late at night.

The 41 year old Briton is understood to have been trapped in a ravine, Canada de las Estacas, across the road from the Villamartin Garden Centre, after a fall of 25 mtrs. The rescue took place at dawn on Sunday, at 3.30 am, involving the Civil Guard of Pilar de la Horadada , as well as Local Police of Orihuela Costa and firefighters from Torrevieja.

When the officers arrived they found the victim very upset, aggressive and hitting himself on the head with a large stone. He was bleeding from the head and had a great deal of pain in his legs.

The rescue was very dangerous due to the steep terrain and the darkness. Because it was initially impossible to reach him, the health services, as well as the fire brigade were notified.

The fire crew of managed to reach the man using ropes, immobilizing him on a stretcher and climbing back up to the public road where he was treated by the health services. Once stabilised he was transferred to the Torrevieja Hospital for examination and assessment.

Quite how the individual was found to be down the ravine at 3.30 am is unclear but the Guardia have indicated that he will have questions to answer on his discharge from hospital.