It was a 10 km walk along the coast West of Bolnuevo, the traditional last walk of the season.  Fine weather, not too hot with a sea breeze.  Twelve from San Juan de Tereros and nine locals. There were no slow coaches although Buddy did go on strike at the 8km marker, however, he quickly recovered and the Blue Ambluance was not needed.

A few bottles of cava were on hand to quench the thrist of the group before everyone sat down on the terrace at Rincon.  Desipte the back room being full, service was OK and the slight delay for the main course was mittigated by the “lemonfish”.  This delight which was landed locally, may also have been a “black bonito” which had swum over from Africa.

Good company, no squabble about the bill and a few kind words from Widow Twankey ended the successful season.  Roll on the Summer Lunches.