Yet again STUDIO32 smash it with their excellent rendition of the Cole Porter musical ‘Anything Goes’. From the moment the show started until the final curtain the audience were treated to some great songs and dynamic dance routines.

Anything Goes is set in the early 1930’s aboard the ocean liner S.S. American. Nightclub singer turned evangelist Reno Sweeney played brilliantly by Lynn Preston in her first lead role, is en-route from New York to England, but her pal Billy Crocker played by Luke Ringrose (who due to one of the cast having to pull out, had only five weeks to learn the role which he pulled off amazingly), has stowed away to be near his love, Hope Harcourt.

The role of Hope was played by Sarah Hopewell and as always she gave a solid performance showcasing her beautiful soprano singing voice. There was only one problem – Hope was already engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh played very comedically by Nick Morgan. His song ‘The Gypsy in Me” and dance routine was one of the highlights of the show and incidentally, Nick also choreographed the dance routine.

Joining the love triangle on board the luxury liner is Public Enemy Number 13, Moonface Martin played by Andy Kirkwood. His comedy timing and chemistry between the characters Reno and Billy were very evident throughout the show and his catchphrase “There’s Something wrong here” had the audience laughing in their seats. With the help of some elaborate disguises and good old fashioned blackmail, Reno and Moonface joined forces to help Billy in his quest to win Hope’s heart.

As well as great solo numbers and the company numbers made this a performance to remember. A highlight of the show has to be the company numbers Bon Voyage and Blow Gabriel. Excellent supporting roles were played by Bill Nicholson (Elisha Whitney) Judith O’Neill (Evangeline Harcourt) Anne Bell (Erma) Ian Crysell (Captain) Keith Longshaw (Purser) Cyril Derbyshire (Rev Henry T. Dobson) Susan Wilson (Luke) and Julie Cartwright (John). Reno’s Angels were played by Suzie Bradley, Lyndsay Kendall, Dawn Crysell and Vicky Holden.

On the final night the audience gave the performers a very well deserved standing ovation.

“Director and choreographer Susan Zilla Wilson has once again delivered another professional STUDIO32 hit,” Chairman Philip Wilson commented.