Carlos González said: “I ask the neighbors and residents of Orihuela Costa for their support and their vote for the Ciudadanos party, as this is the only party that has really taken care of the neighbours’ problems, and I truly believe that Ciudadanos is the only party , which is able to carry out the extension of the road via the AP7 motorway in Lomas de Cabo Roig, in order to realize a safe crosswalk. ”

The President of the Neighbourhood Association stressed that “Luisa Boné is a person who has been working for the coast, as evidenced by her work during these two years in the town hall. I trust that Luisa Boné and her party will do this much needed work for all the neighbours. ”

The City Councillor for Beaches, Luisa Boné, emphasized:  “It was the Ciudadanos party that submitted a motion to the city council in this regard and this was unanimously approved. Hereby we have made our commitment visible to the citizens. Subsequently, we have tried several times to solve this problem, as Carlos González knows, but in the last four years the problem solution has been repeatedly blocked by the People’s Party (Partido Popular) and therefore nothing has been done in this regard.”

The City Councillor Luisa Boné then gave the citizens of Orihuela Costa the campaign promise that in case of a victory for the Ciudadanos party this pedestrian bridge over the AP7 motorway will be a reality. In the words of the City Councillor, “it seems we need an accident before someone takes this matter seriously and reacts accordingly. I cannot understand the slowness regarding this urgency. We promise the citizens of Orihuela Costa to solve this dangerous situation.”

FAOC, to which the Lomas de Cabo Roig Association belongs, quickly distanced itself from the Presidents remarks reminding the public that it is a non political association and his comments are no way endorsed by the Association.