On 20th May 2019, a working meeting took place in the offices of the Delegación de Gobierno of the Junta de Andalusia in Almeria between important representatives of the Junta de Andalusia and representatives of those affected in Zurgena, Arboleas and Albanchez, members of AUAN.

Discussions took place about a lack of solutions in these towns which, according to AUAN, are immersed in a torturous planning labyrinth. Imminent legal reforms that could give a faster way out for irregular houses in these towns were also discussed.

The advanced age of those affected who came to the meeting was evident, the majority being more than 75 years old. They explained how long they have been waiting for a solution to their problems and how they had never expected to spend the golden years of their lives in a situation that has lasted more than a decade and that some have been unable to obtain deeds for their home.

AUAN is grateful for the great reception given by the Junta, given that the meeting was attended by the Minister for Agriculture and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, the Minister of Development and Territorial Planning, Marifran Carazo, the Delegate to the Junta de Andalusia in Almeria, Maribel Sanchez, as well as the Delegate for Development and Territorial Plannin in Almeria, Eloisa Cabrera, the Delegate for Agriculture and Sustainable Development in Almeria, Aracha Martin, the Director General of Planning and the Director General for Water.

According to AUAN, the willingness of the Junta to resolve the planning issues that afflict almost a million homeowners in Andalusia is evident and that the government is working on the issue and giving it priority, in spite of the short time that they have been in power.

Proof of the new atmosphere in the Junta and one that is more respectful of the human rights of those affected is the fact that the Junta has desisted in its appeal in the case to demolish the home of the Payne family in Albox.

AUAN offered its cooperation to develop effective and realistic planning solutions on behalf of those trapped in irregular houses, so that the issues can be resolved in a practical way as soon as possible, and both sides agreed to remain in contact to pursue this aim.