By Andrew Atkinson

BURGLARIES are on the increase – with the summer influx of holidaymakers yet to arrive in Spain – with opportunistic thieves striking.

Scams, from that of ‘huggings’, to that of using fishing-rod like poles, to ‘snatches’ – where gold necklaces have been ripped off necks – have been rife in the past. Tactics being used again this year.

There are many, many, thieves that target ‘most liquid’ assets, including gold, silver, and cash, along with mobile phones.

Two robberies have taken place in La Herrada, Los Montesinos, Alicante, in the last week – one burglary targeting a property, while improvement works were being undertaken.

A thief entered the property – who had been disguising himself as being ‘official’ – with a clipboard and pen in hand, walking along Calles, awaiting for an opportunistic moment, before striking.

The said male thief, aged in his forties, entered a property and robbed pensioners of jewellery and cash.

Days later another casa was robbed of mobile phones – the thief’s ‘cover’ was that he approached people asking if they knew anyone who had lost a child’s pink dress!

It is said the thief placed the child’s pink dress under a hat, then removing it, prior to starting ‘work’.

Witnesses reported that they had seen the culprit being picked up on a through camino road, linking Los Montesinos (La Herrada) to Quesada.

Shopping was also attempted to be taken from a car in Los Montesinos.

A car registration has been given to the Los Montesinos Policia Local, who will be looking into incidents, after taking statements.

Gold and jewellery are liquid assets easily to dispose of, as are computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and gaming devices.

Also high on burglars’ lists are documents, including identity cards, driving licences, credit cards and bank statements.

Burglar deterrents include security alarms. But many residents – and non residents and holidaymakers – fall into the trap of lack of security, including unlocked gates, doors and windows.

Potential burglars are always on the look out for ‘easy pickings’. Simply by locking a garden gate is the first step of deterrent.

CCTV is another deterrent, although many burglars are prepared to rob – at any risk – no matter what security is in place.

If you have a solarium, remember to shut windows and doors, and lock all gates, before using.

Burglars have struck on numerous occasions, knowing that owners are on solariums – and not in the house.

If you see anything suspicious report it immediately to the police. And inform relevant community Presidents, if on an Urbanisation.

Police are to step up day, along with night and early morning patrols, after burglars being seen within the Los Montesinos and Quesada areas.


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