Following the recent story of the tiny little pony, mum and her son, a mule, not even a year old, the Centre are delighted to say that both equines have had a number of positive results from tests, scans and x-rays done so far.

Sue Weeding-Co-Founder-said “It’s not often we get good results on tests on abandoned or abused animals but mum has been x-rayed and although the x-rays show some movement in the pedal bones in the hooves, it’s nothing that will cause permanent damage and better still she has no internal infections so the long term prognosis for her is exceptionally good.”

Mother and son hoof trimming
Mother and son hoof trimming

Then with the collaboration of Enrique, their farrier, and Dorothea, their vet, they went on to trim the overgrown hooves which had to be cut by starting with a saw and then with Dorothea’s instruction Enrique was able to shape the feet to ensure the right angle and as you can see from the photos she is looking so much better. She will be on pain killers for some time to keep her comfortable until she gets used to the new position of her hooves and for her tendons to adapt.

Dorothea then performed the long awaited ultrasound to see if she was in foal and yet again good news she is not in foal! One less problem to deal with.

Enrique then tackled her son’s feet which he is sure he was having trimmed for the first time. And he is looking absolutely super too. They suspect it is the first time mum has had her feet trimmed and if mum and baby had remained with their previous owner, this little mule would have ended up in the same appalling state as his mum.

Sue, beaming, said “Both are doing marvelously well, they are free of infestation, they have been wormed, their feet are being sorted, they are gaining weight and settling down beautifully. We gave them some freedom today for the first time and they loved it. Baby was prancing around like a spring lamb! What more could we ask for, they are coming along a treat, we are so happy.”

EHCRC would like to thank everyone out there who has been following the story and also those who have been donating. They now need to think of suitable names for this adorable little family.

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