Torrevieja judge, Juana Lopez Hoyos, has instructed the Guardia Civil to issue a European arrest warrant for a sixth person in connection with the ‘Love Triangle’ murder of Carl Carr, whose body was found in a shallow grave along the AP7 motorway two weeks ago, between Benijófar and Algorfa.

The man named in the warrant is identified as Simon, aged 26, an Irishman who returned to his country shortly after being interviewed as a witness during the early stages of the investigation.

Simon is also believed to have been a housemate of Dubliner, Mr Carr, at his La Siesta home. He has now been implicated in the death by two witnesses who said that he was seen soaked in bloodstains, as he stood next to the body of the victim, covered with a carpet, in the living room

The Civil Guard now considers that he had an active part in the crime leading them to issue the warrant for his arrest in Ireland, for his subsequent extradition to Spain.

This would be the sixth arrest for the murder, committed on the morning of September 17. The Civil Guard reported this week that “jealousy” or a “love triangle” led to the brutal beating of Carr with a ‘knuckle-duster’ after he returned with Simon to the La Siesta house, along with three women, following a night of partying.

One of the women went home, another went to sleep and the third, 23 year old British model Mily Leonard, had “some kind of sexual relationship” with Carr leading to an argument with Simon.

When Simon was ignored he drove to Cabo Roig to find Wayne Walsh after which the pair returned to the house, which is when the fighting is said to have taken place.

One woman, who has now been declared a ‘protected witness’, has stated that she was sleeping when she was woken up by loud cries coming from the kitchen.

Terrified by what was happening, she decided to leave the house, sneaking out of the door without being noticed. Once on the street she called a taxi and went home. The taxi driver has since reported that the woman was crying, as though something serious had happened.

Information provided by a second ‘protected witness’ said that he called at the La Siesta property at 5am on the morning of the incident. Simon shouted at Wayne not to open the door, however the witness walked into the house to see broken and upturned furniture. Wayne was covered in blood, he said: “Something has happened, Carl is dead.” Simon also had bloodstains on his clothing and in the middle of the room there was a body covered by a rug.

The protected witness said that he left the house, although Wayne made it clear to him that if he said anything, “he would end up with Carl.” He says that he subsequently had a telephone conversation in which Wayne confessed that he had killed Carl because of Mily and that the body had been buried by the two men along with a Spanish friend.

It is understood that Wayne Walsh, Mily Leonard and Natalie Edwards are currently being held in custody along with a Spanish man and a fifth woman, another Brit, who are still to be named.