Generalitat to refurbish 36 social housing units on Orihuela Costa

Generalitat to refurbish 36 social housing units

Following seven years of vandalism and robbery the Generalitat has agreed to refurbish 36 properties on the Orihuela Costa with an investment of 140,000 euros prior to putting them on the social housing market as low cost rentals.

The properties have been sitting empty since they were first built in 2011 during which time they have been subject to break ins, theft of material, vandalism, deterioration and a lack of maintenance by previous administrations.

Since the completion of the works by the Valencian Housing Institute (IVVSA), renamed EVha, the proprties have remained empty. Now, the work being carried out by the Generalitat will enable them to be put on the rental market for the residents of Orihuela where they will be offered on a social rent basis, the priority requirement that the Generalitat wants to cover, and not for sale,

The Minister for Housing, Maria José Salvador, visited the apartments on Monday. She said that they were constructed at a time when a public housing policy was conspicuous by its absence.” Once the work was completed, the houses were abandoned because they were built for sale and they were not commercialized, possibly because of their location in the Orihuela Costa, where there were already thousands of available houses in the market. They did not respond to the needs of the people.”

She said that they would now be refurbished and offered to 36 families at an affordable rent.

Once the repairs have been completed, the Ministry will allocate the houses on an affordable rental basis. There are a total of 36 homes of two and three bedrooms, some of a duplex type. All of them have parking space and some have storage rooms. One is adapted for people with reduced mobility.