Our time is now to gain Councillors

“In the twenty years leading up to the last election in 2015, the PP party had ruled Orihuela, always providing a dedicated Councillor for Orihuela Costa and a budget for the coast, until 2011.

During the following 4 years the Coalition Government retained a Councillor of the Coast and a budget.  

When the PP regained their position in 2015 and Emilio Bascunana became Mayor of Orihuela, in order to take power they were required to form a coalition government with the Ciudadanos political party, which had won 3 seats.  

The first thing Emilio Bascunana did as head of the minority PP government, was to abolish our Councillor for the Coast and the budget.  

Since then it has been their policy to systematically degrade and neglect Orihuela Costa, for reasons known only to them.

A year later they appointed 2 coordinators to work from the Administration Office in Orihuela Costa, known as the Ayuntamiento / Town Hall.   

No actual decisions can be made at this office, all decisions are made in Orihuela city Town Hall almost 40 kilometres distant, by the ruling Government Councillors, who represent all residents of Orihuela Costa.  Approx 30,000 registered on the Padron, 101 nationalities.  

CLARO planning to wake up the Orihuela Costa

In fact, according to the utility companies, approx. 87,000 people actually live in Orihuela Costa. Thus 50,000 people are not registered on the Padron, as a consequence of which there is a loss of one million euros to the Orihuela government from the Madrid Central Government, for the Orihuela Costa public services.

This means that Orihuela Costa will never ever get a second Medical Centre, an Auditorium, full time Library, Casa Cultura, Bus station or a Cemetary let alone the Emergency Services Centre with a 24 hour Ambulance service, Police station and Bomberos / Fire station UNTIL more Orihuela Costa residents register to vote and then vote out the parties that are degrading the coast.   

During 2016 the authorities decided to divide Orihuela Costa into 2 districts in order to weaken us.   Their aim, to divide and conquer the residents of Orihuela Costa.    

The only way we can challenge the ruling government is to register on the Padron, and then, within 90 days, to register as a permanent resident and exercise your right to vote in the May 2019 local elections.   

C.L.A.R.O is the only political party to represent the Orihuela Costa. We genuinely believe that OUR TIME IS NOW. In the 2015 municipal elections we were less than 40 votes short of winning a Council seat.  We, the residents of Orihuela Costa, together with C.L.A.R.O, can challenge Orihuela Government for Financial Autonomy, Financial Independence!