The Councillor for Works and Services in Torrevieja, Domingo Soler, has said that he is preparing a scheme to replace the wood that forms the roofing of the the Paseo de Vista Alegre for one of canvas.

Although there are no concerns over safety he says that the weight of the structure could be dramatically reduced and, as it continues to deteriorate through age, many sections are nearing the date by which they will need to be replaced. Changing from wooden roofing to canvas would also provide additional light to anyone passing beneath the structure which was originally erected ten years ago at a cost of 3 million euros.

Ten years of Levante winds, bright sunshine and salty rain are beginning to have an effect on the appearance of the construction which is now beginning to look worn and weary. The wood has not been treated for a long time. A maintenance job that requires an oil primer, sanding down and then re-treatment with oil.

Soler, who until now had not announced the project, and which is not included in the current budgets, has said that during the coming months he will also repair of all the lights that have not been renewed for years, especially those in the service street between the promenade, the Yacht Club and the Main Tourist Office which is attended by dozens of visitors every day.