A church construction with a tower, topped by a spire, is quite unusual on the Murcian landscape, but for some months now, such a building has been gradually nearing completion in San Javier.

Anyone who passes along the avenue that connects Los Alcázares with San Javier is bound to wonder if it they are travelling along the Spanish coast or they have been transported to the US state of Utah, one of the main centres of the Mormon world.

Well, the answer is that you are driving past the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the largest such establishment in the Region, where it has 2,400 regular followers.

Following an investment of 1.2 million euros in a building that occupies 1,962 square metres, is surrounded by beautiful gardens and with parking for 80 vehicles, the Murcian congregation wants to show off it’s faith in style.

On Thursday and Friday, 13 and 14 September there will be two days of open house, although the main event will take place on Saturday, with an official opening that will consist of a brief spiritual ceremony, the Dedication Oration.

Afterwards, participants will enjoy a gala dance in the cultural rooms of the new church building where there will be regular celebrations and social events,