A family who, despite living locally, have been refused entry for their daughter into the CEIP Miguel Hernández, are demanding that the Education Authority launch an investigation into the number of children who are attending the school despite not living in the catchment area.

They say that there are dozens of children attending the school who are registered as living at the addresses of friends or relatives and not only is this unfair of the people who live on the Orihuela Costa but it is also a fraudulent act.

The parents requested a place for their daughter in the CEIP Miguel Hernández but despite the fact that she has more points for her area of residence than many others who have been enrolled the girl was denied a place at the school.

For this reason they are demanding that the Conselleria take action on the matter and launch an investigation into the number of families that have declared a false address.

The parents say that they have twice visited the town hall where they have attempted to speak to the Councillor for Education, Begoña Cuartero, but they have not succeeded. That is why they have sent another letter explaining what is happening and asking her to intervene to defend the rights of their child.