On Wednesday morning there was a change in the location of the weekly La Mata market to its new location along la avenidas de Francia and Inglaterra.

The councillor, Javier Manzanares, said that his staff were on site from 5am placing the 169 traders onto their new pitches so that the market could open at its usual time “with normality and good atmosphere among the vendors.”

Manzanares said that he was also on site from very early in the morning checking the locations and all the other preparatory work that was being carried out.

He said “we have made sure that everything will run smoothly and the composure among sellers at this time of change was very much appreciated, changes always generate fear, but we are convinced that this will be a change for the better.

Both the police, and myself, together with market staff, have collected suggestions, many of which we have implemented with a view toward improving the location, something that we will build on in the coming weeks.

During the morning we have seen the great influx of visitors and we have also seen a normality that is appreciated.”

He added that” we are clear that it is a decision that will not please everyone, but we will work to show with facts and results that it has been the right decision. This is something that should have been implemented years ago.”

Following the announcement of the new site over 50 traders said that they would not move to the new location. The councillor stated, however, that the vast majority did move and the opening was a huge success.