David Beckham was noticed celebrating last night shortly after his MLS grand plans were finally granted the green light. However the doubters are left with far more questions than clear answers.

The England soccer legend was talking emotionally at a ravishing press conference about becoming the proud owner of a soccer club he hopes to make “one of the best in the world.”

Beckham’s MLS club chronology

May 2013

Beckham announced he would finally retire from soccer at the season’s end. Pretty soon after calling it quits, Beckham was reported to be holding preliminary discussions with the league about his expansion targets and Miami in particular.

December 2013

Beckham along with his manager Simon Fuller are claimed to be possible owners of a Miami soccer team.

Later on, Miami County commissioners and the mayor of the city Carlos Gimenez negotiated with Beckham’s group over a plan of a new stadium for the club in downtown Miami.

February 2014

Beckham group has decided that the team would be based in the city of Miami coming to an agreement that financing for the stadium’s building process and its precise location in the city would be set upon.

Beckham later attended a new press conference to announce his desires to front an MLS franchise. Nearly 300 people and almost the same number of press were watching on.

The original idea was to place the stadium on Dodge Island, yet opposition from Miami businesses shut that initiative down.

March 2014

The Beckham group officially admitted the club was not coming into existence until the year 2018, as opposed to the hopes to launch it in 2016 or 2017.

They also noted the team might be playing its first season on a temporary field.

May 2014

The investment group for David Beckham came up with brand new plans for a larger privately financed 20,000-seater arena located in Downtown Miami.

Still, the plan was eventually blocked by numerous objections of the locals.


A plan on building the stadium right next to Marlins Park suddenly fell through, even before the officials announced they actually had acquired land in the Overtown neighborhood of Downtown Miami. Meanwhile, MLS officials provided the nine acre site lately in December 2015.

May 2015

Miami FC is finally founded. The soccer club is co-owned by Italian soccer legend Paolo Maldini and features Alessandro Nesta as the main coach. The team resides at the FIU Stadium and enters the North American Soccer League.

March 2016

Miami Beckham United initiated the procedure of acquiring six acres out of the planned nine in Overtown that were previously privately-owned. However, this further delayed matter had to be brokered and used to raise certain fears that the team might not start until early 2019.

June 2017

In 2017, Miami FC managed to win both the spring and fall plays, but unfortunately lost in the play-offs. At the same time, the sales of the last piece of land needed for the team’s new stadium were approved. Many local people, including those who love to try out 1xbet are eagerly waiting to know how the David Beckham would perform.