The countdown is now on for the very last kilometer along the Orihuela coastline that is currently free of cement. This is how many people are translating the erection of the new perimeter fencing that has been carried out in the last few days by the developer Playa Salvaje SA- of Grupo Gomendio.

After several years of little movement with the project, that will see the construction of 1,500 homes, many of them high rise apartments, the constructor has now fenced off the accesses to the last virgin zone of the Oriolan coast, in order to protect a plant and a species of snail, as required by the Consell in order that permission to build be granted.

The fence responds to a requirement by the Ministry of Environment to the promoter in order that he be able to move the project forward, as required by the environmental impact report issued by the Consell a month ago.

What has been said on a precautionary basis, until the approval and implementation of the urbanisation project, is that the passage of vehicles be limited in areas where the plant cat head head (Helianthemum caput-felis) and the snail «Tudorella sulcata», can be found.

The builder had a month to make the changes and he has carried them out, so the project goes ahead.

However the promoter must still meet a series of conditions that the Consell has put in it’s environmental impact report before getting the final permit to build hundreds of homes there, in this privileged area of Orihuela Costa, (Cala Mosca).