The following guide will help you to separate the genuine Russian dating sites from the fakes and find your soulmate.
How to Find a Genuine Russian Dating Site
 As international travel becomes ever more accessible to more and more people, we’re offered more choice and variety when it comes to finding a life partner. Unlike in the past when Western men would look no further than their own back streets to find a wife, these days the possibilities are endless and many men are seeking brides from much further afield including Russia and Ukraine.
Unfortunately, these new possibilities spawned the term mail order bride’; a derogatory term which suggested that men were simply ordering wives the way they might order a household appliance from a catalog.
These days, nothing could be further from the truth – international dating in 2018 is all about mutual respect and a quest for a meeting of minds as well as bodies. To this end, a simple Google search will throw up any number of online dating agencies specializing in matching Western gentlemen with Eastern European Women but, unfortunately, not all of these online agencies are as genuine as they may seem.
 Sadly, many Western men looking to open their hearts, instead, end up emptying their wallets as they become victims of internet dating scams. Dishonest and, often illegal, many of these sites are filled with fake profiles and are designed to separate men from their money. When looking for a Russian dating site, many men make the mistake of conducting a Google search and clicking on the first site that comes up, on the assumption that this will be the most popular.
This is very much not the case as, with any internet search, the top hits are usually the ones who have paid to be there – and scammers are as capable of booking advertising as anybody else.
Learn from Others
 When looking for a genuine online site for meeting Russian ladies, your first stop should be a visit to a Dating site review aggregator. These are populated by stories of success and failure and, will quickly give you an idea of which sites are considered genuine and, which aren’t.
Take a close look at the way that the reviews for a particular site are written; if all of the reviews are of a similar length and ‘tone of voice’, this usually suggests that they have all been written by the same person in order to give a false impression of the site. Look for a site where the reviews are of mixed length and opinions.
Although most websites go through phases of popularity and success, a good quality Russian dating site will generally maintain a steady rating and level of reviews as long as the management of the site remains the same so look for a site whose popularity has remained at a good level for most of its existence.
By reading other people’s stories, you’ll get a feel for which site is going to be the one for you – and you’ll soon be on your way to finding your beautiful Russian bride.